I spent Christmas 1991 with a family who lived in a one-room house with a dirt floor on the edge of the Osama River. Being a 19-year-old young man from a middle-income American family who had no experience with extreme poverty, I felt lonely, homesick, and out of place. Even though they lived in desperate circumstances, that sweet family refused to eat the Christmas feast they had undoubtedly sacrificed to make until I had eaten. During my time in the Dominican Republic, I saw that same kind of generosity time and time again. I love the Dominican people because they love, accept, and give, without reservation and in spite of the fact that oftentimes they have very little to give. 

I created the Pebble Project, a federally recognized nonprofit organization, in 2017 after spending a week performing service on the island. I am passionate about this project because I want to return the love and generosity that the Dominican people gave to me as a young man.

Our Mission:

The Pebble Projects seeks to provide necessary equipment, supplies, and opportunities to vulnerable communities who live with limited resources. 

Our Vision:

 Pebble Project envisions a world where people actively believe that no matter the size of the contribution, they can create change, inspire joy, and spark hope to those who live with limited opportunities. Indeed, we believe that small, but meaningful contributions are the most meaningful and the most impactful, because it is those contributions that are given with a true desire to create good.

Our Values


We hope to inspire children of all backgrounds, regardless of race or country of origin, to expect greatness.

Equity & Inclusion

We vehemently stand against racism and xenophobia and stand shoulder to shoulder with people of color and marginalized and vulnerable communities in the fight for equality.


We track every donation and every dollar spent and 100% of our donations go towards the current project. Travel expenses are always covered by individual Pebble Project team members.


We are passionate about finding small to medium sized projects and doing our best to relieve suffering, build hope, and instill happiness.

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